Yes, it’s a Jerkface Hiatus. I’m so excited to be devoting more time to my other graphic novel project, but as a result, Jerkface must suffer a little.  Please continue to follow on Facebook and twitter (and any sort of Reader that pokes you when I update here), and I’ll let you know when there are new comics ready to go.

Thank you as always for following, reading, commenting and sharing JFA with your people.  I’ll see you, quite likely in October!

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See you soon, and in the meantime, why not diversify and enjoy some of my favourite webcomics:

Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran. Honestly, this comic just keeps getting better with time.

Hark, A Vagrant by Kate Beaton.   If you haven’t heard of this, may I be the first to welcome you out of your underground Biodome.

Scary Go Round/ Bad Machinery by John Alison.  I read this every day. It’s British and has some magic but is mostly clever jokes and teen detectives. I wonder why I like it so much. 😐  Also, it has a 10 year backlog that is no joke. Except that it is very funny.

Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North.  Comics’ tallest hero. Another 11 year and counting run. He writes Squirrel Girl for Marvel now, so don’t let your parents tell you this web comic thing won’t get you anywhere. Just invest your decade of excellence and you too can write for Marvel.*

* May not be 100% true.

Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch. Very funny and very dark sometimes. Most times. 


All of these stars of webcomicry also have links to their favourites. Ride the link wave into comic heaven and I’ll see you around Octoberish!