Hey readers! Here’s a fun fact: this is Page 100! Of this webcomic! With that comes something new…


Jerkface A-hole is on PATREON!  Yes, you can now financially support Jerkface A-hole though the crowd-funder Patreon. Check out my video for some very amateur kinetic type and some very professional explanations!  If you enjoy reading Jerkface and would like to support it/me, I invite you to become a Patron. It’s easy and as cheap as you want it to be.  Plus there are rewards! Custom drawn avatars, seeing pages in advance and other cool perks.  Plus I’ve included a lofty milestone goal: if I reach a certain monthly amount, I’ll go up to 4 pages a week instead of three!  Click to learn more!


Further Thoughts on the 100th Page: 

Technically (and we are nothing if not technical) it is probably the 103rd or 104th, since I had some issues with numbering at several points and there may have been a Page22B or Page 45.2, and a Thanksgiving one pager that was not numbered. This is not an exact science. Counting, I mean. It’s pretty theoretical. Imaginary numbers, uh… fractions, Stephen Hawking… It’s not locked in is what I am saying.

The other thing I am saying is THANK YOU! Thank you to early readers who followed Jerkface this far, and thank you to new readers who are just finding their way here!  I like all of you equally (but I like readers who tell their friends the most). <—shameless shilling.  That’s another thing you’ve come to expectt and love from Jerkface A-hole.  Really though, thank you!