That’s the end of this story, but not of this plot! How will Jerkface deal?! What is the Mother’s deal?  Why does The Aunt like pink so much?  Is Marcy going to end up speaking French and only eat snails… pardonez moi, escargots. Only time will tell.

Time, and reading Jerkface every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday every week for the next forever or so.


At the suggestions of readers and of bank accounts, I’ve added a new way to support Jerkface: With Patreon!  I even made a video about it, that you can watch by clicking over here —->

It’s a per month situation, so for as little as $1/month you can support the creation of JFA, which I appreciate in a very real way. Non-financial support is also appreciated in the form of shares and links! Tell your pals about JFA! I am pretty sure they’ll like it (or hate it. And you. OH GOD this could go so horribly wrong! Eh, just risk it).