Non-Canadian readers: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (the CBC) used to (still does?) air these “Heritage Moments” which were basically commercials about Canadian history, and they are burned into the minds and hearts of even the most cynical Canadians. Imagine a Hark, A Vagrant! comic, minus wonderful drawing, witty writing and any humour. And it’s a video. If you watch this, you will  understand Canadians 70% better than you already do.  ANYWAY, that is what I am referencing with the loon sounds, and “Our History” banner.   GREAT & NECESSARY EXPLANATION, RIGHT?!  You just got cultured! Updates 3x/week, Monday-Wednesday! Jerkface is supported by our readership!  Click the Patreon link on the right to learn about the perks of patronage and the price – mere pennies a glass! (As little as $1/month!).