Jerkface’s Cliff’s Notes on The Handmaid’s Tale continue. This may or may not be a good substitute for reading the book.

Is everyone ready for ChristHannukKwanzSolstFestivHolidays?  No Holiday Left Behind, that’s my motto.

(Real talk: It enrages me when certain colonial religions get pissed that everyone in the world doesn’t call this time of year by their holiday’s name. Other people exist. YOU call it what you want and let others do what they want, K? Or is that not the spirit of colonialism? Oh, no? It’s about forcing everyone to believe what you believe whether they want to or not? COOL THEN. /RealTalk)

ANYWAY HAPPY HOLIDAYS & enjoy the freedom of your beliefs, whatever they may be! (Yeesh. This is getting heavy handed. I gotta go).

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