If you are in Ontario and heading to the WAYHOME festival (North of Barrie), and happen to be Very Important and in a tent, you may see some work I created or helped instal.  Mia Neislen of the Drake Hotel is curating the VIP tent and I am on board to help.  Come by and say hello… or better yet, dance to Neil Young. Your call.

(Do people “dance” to Neil Young? Or is it more of a “rocking out” process?)

(I guess we’ll see.)


Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 5.27.09 PM

This is the last week to get in on the best kickstarter you’ve seen in a long time:  The Secret Loves of Geek Girls

This anthology of comics and writing, edited by Hope Nicholson, features work from Margaret Atwood, Kate Leth, Danielle Corsetto, Soha Kareem, ME, and also did you notice MARGARET ATWOOD. Like the same Margaret Atwood who wrote The Handmaid’s Tale, that featured heavily in THIS Jerkface Story? YES, THAT ONE.  Get your copy and support not only these excellent artists, but content that isn’t about geek DUDES. As you may have noticed, that exists already.  Geeky women abound. This is for us.  Support it here.

For an update on beautiful ELCAF, the PACK MENTALITY anthology, and a tiny trip redux with pictures, check out my blog post!