Click the image to start at the beginning, or use the Comic Chapters drop down on the right (at the top) to pick a story. I’d say start at the beginning, but in case you’re an anarchist rebel who follows their own rules, here’s a few other jumping off points:

DAVE GUTEK  (The story of how Marcy & Jerkface met)

HIGH SCHOOL DANCE (This one… is about a dance.)

BOOK REPORT – (Jerkface writes & draws about The Handmaid’s Tale. “Haha very good” – Margaret Atwood via twitter.  That is a real quote. No joke.)

TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – (This story has some actual PLOT. Catch up by reading  THE FIRST NICE DAY and PARENTS & GUARDIANS… but in the opposite order. You’re an anarchist. You can figure this out, probably.)